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Jekaterina Grjazeva is a very fine artist. In a sensitive and delicate manner she is introducing the audience into her world that is far more poetic and humanistic than reality, but is bond with it by unnoticeable links.

In her passions she is closer to the “world of art” emerged on the “tips of sharp pens of the artists and poets”. Jekaterina Grjazeva's handwriting is composed of elegant symbolism (up to surreal manifests) and refinement of modern lines. If often seems that the drawing of her etchings is following a predefined pattern.

The artist is attracted to miniature form – “the size of a heard, the shape of a palm”, which color scheme is extremely reserved. Much brighter are her drawings on colored paper. But here again one sees her need for restoration of artistically romantic environment.

— Svetlana Hajenko
Art critic